How awesome would it be to head to your favorite bars’ websites, Twitter accounts or Facebooks and see their tap list before deciding where to head that night? Well it’s starting to happen.

With some good work from those behind their destination’s social media accounts, more and more brewpubs and beer bars are updating fans on their tap lists with the click of a button.

City Steam has always kept their beer list updated for as long as I can remember, but their tap lists aren’t as rotating as some beer bars like Eli Cannon’s and Plan B.

For at least the last few months, Plan B Glastonbury has been supplying quick information about their very quick rotating taps. I’ve seen those things change over to new beers just by sitting at the bar for a couple of hours. That’s amazing customer service.

Why wouldn’t you want to broadcast the new beers you’ve just tapped? It’s a no-brainer way to reach your market. Today, instead of listing it, they actually took a picture of their tap list for all to read.

Eli Cannon’s is stepping itself into the Twitter game as well. Previously the Middletown beer bar posted photos on Facebook of their rotating tap list, a habit that wasn’t very consistent, starting and stopping randomly. Last week Eli’s started Tweeting their newest arrivals.

It doesn’t get any better than being told that Dogfish Head’s World Wide Stout has arrived on tap.

It would do a lot of beer bars good if they were to update their tap lists using social media the same way. A lot have done it for awhile, and I can’t name them all. Other great purveyors of this method include The Ginger Man Norwalk, Prime 16 and Delaney’s Taproom. Local brewpubs like Willimantic Brewing Company has also done a fantastic job keeping fans updated with their latest concoctions.

It’s easy to see how the Internet has changed the way we go to bars. Social media has even furthered the speed at which we can get that information from our favorite destinations. Apps like Untappd can give you insight into what people are drinking at certain locations when they check into the bar they’re at with the beer they’re drinking. It’s a new level of involvement between craft beer fans and craft beer suppliers. More of it can only be better.